1 TOOTH DECAY [caries]- what is it, what causes it and how to avoid it.

2 SUGAR– what is it, where is it found, what damage does it cause, what is a safe amount, different types of sugar, alternatives to sugar.

3 TOOTH SURFACE LOSS– not caused by decay- erosion, abrasion and attrition.

4 FLUORIDE– history, benefits, mechanism of action.

5 GUM DISEASE [periodontal disease]- what is it, what causes it and how to avoid it.

6 HOW TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH– why do it, how to do it, toothpastes- what are they for.

7 CLEANING IN-BETWEEN why do it, how to do it, what to use.

8 MOUTHWASHES– what are they for, are they any good, are they necessary, how to choose.

9 DISCLOSING– how to find the places you miss, why is it important, patient instructions.

10 CHILDRENS TEETH– caring for your small childs teeth, why is it important, toothbrushing for different age groups, food and drink, teething products, going to the dentist.

11 SALIVA– why do we have it, what is it for, where does it come from, what happens when we don’t have enough.

12 BAD BREATH– causes and how to eliminate it.

13 ULCERS– what are they, why do we get them, what to do about them.

14 ORAL CANCER– types of cancer, why do we get cancer, causes, who is affected, what should you look for.

15 INFECTIONS-different types of infections in the mouth and what causes them.

16 NOT NORMAL BUT NOT ABNORMAL– what is normal?- things found in the mouth that may not be common but are normal anatomy and common conditions found in the mouth.

17 MEDICAL PROBLEMS– affecting your teeth or your treatment at the dentist.

18 MEDICINES AND THE DENTIST– the importance of keeping the dentist up to date with any medicines you may be on, side effects and secondary effects, untoward reactions, pregnancy and drugs used at the dentist.

19 COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE– what is it, has it a place in care of teeth and the mouth, complimentary medicines that may affect your dental treatment.

20 MISUSE OF SUBSTANCES its effects on your mouth and teeth- alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

21 THE DENTAL PROFESSION– explained, who does what and who regulates it.

22 SPECIALISTS– what is a specialist in dentistry, can anyone call themselves a specialist, what are the different specialities, what do they do, who regulates them.

23 XRAYS– what are they, what are they for, are they safe, are they necessary, xrays and pregnancy.

24 NON DESTRUCTIVE COSMETICS– what does this mean, what are they.

25 THE HEAVY METAL GENERATION– who are they, what are their problems.



28 TOOTHBRUSHING THE ADVANCED CLASS. Tips and tricks for perfection.


30 JUST FOR KIDS– advice for younger readers of this site. What are teeth for, visiting the dentist and what to do [including information about stickers], food, good snacks, drinks. HOW TO LOOK AFTER YOUR TEETH INSTRUCTIONS.