Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are known by several names; – first teeth, primary teeth, milk teeth and deciduous teeth.

You have 5 baby teeth in each quarter of your mouth [quadrant] 20 in all.

In dental speak they are known by letters a-e [in the UK].

The sequence of eruption is more important than things happening on the dot!

Baby Teeth Diagram

Baby teeth pic

It is very important that you look after your child’s teeth.

Many people believe that because a child’s teeth fall out they don’t matter but they do! They help your child to eat properly so they can nourish their body and grow up happy and healthy, they help in the formation of certain speech sounds and they hold the space for their permanent successors.

Baby teeth are more susceptible to decay and it progresses more rapidly because the enamel and dentine have less mineral content than permanent teeth. The protective enamel layer is half the thickness and the nerve proportionally bigger than in a permanent tooth.

Please, please, please take your baby to the dentist by the age of one.